General Status Update 9.26.2022

General Status Update 9.26.2022

I thought it would be good/informative/useful to provide a general update on the Burtz Block project, milestones, resources, and related project activities within the building community.


To date, we have delivered over 500 “New Engine Kits” to customers in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the USA. Dennis Kliesen (home builder) has over 22,000 miles and Dave Gerold (Durable Performance, MN) has over 18,000 miles on their new engines and they are running smoothly with no issues.

We just received a new delivery of engine block kits and are very happy that we have stock available in the warehouse and ready to ship; no more waitlisting! Camshafts and flywheels are also in stock.

New High Compression Head and Status:

The new heads (6.5 to 1) are now in production. The first 100 heads will be in the distribution warehouse before the end of October. Dennis Kliesen installed one of the engineering evaluation samples of the new head before driving from his home in Mission Viejo, CA to the 2022 MAFCA National Meet in Kerrville, Texas. The revised water passages in the new head worked well to keep the head and cylinder block at a uniform temperature while crossing the deserts.

Builder Updates:

• Spare unique parts for the “New Engine Kit” like cam bushings, thrust washer halves, and studs are available at

• A new “analog” adjustable oil pump relief valve has been designed by Terry, manufactured by Dan McEachern, and tested by Dave Delmue. The new relief valve can be fitted to a stock Model A oil pump or an aftermarket pump for use in the new engine. The relief valve, special bolts for an oil filter and for measuring oil pressure at the main oil galley, and the front and rear main radial lip seals are available at

• The latest updated “Builders Guide” (…ers-guide.html) has been revised as of 11 September 2022. The changes include adding additional Bearing Manufacturers part numbers, warnings related to using oily solvents, a warning on crankshaft gear installation, an explanation regarding the oil feed hole size for camshaft bushings 2 and 4, an alternate method of sealing the studs for main bearings 1 and 3, a rewrite of section 3 because a stock Model A oil pump is adequate, and the addition of more engine builders to the list.

• The guide “Doubling the Flow Area of a Model A Oil Pump” (…-oil-pump.html) has been revised with a date of 11 September 2022. This guide has had an extensive revision since it was discovered that a stock Model A oil pump provides adequate volume. This guide also describes the new analog relief valve along with the installation and adjusting instructions.

Other News Updates:

• Leonard Nettles’s new oil pumps are in production and are working very well. Leonard is now working on an oil filter bracket assembly that mounts on the cylinder block in place of the timing gear inspection cover. Please contact Leonard Nettles at for pricing and further details.

• Dennis Kliesen is developing an adjustable oil pressure relief valve/oil filter bracket combination that mounts on the cylinder block in place of the timing gear inspection cover. Several prototypes are working well. Please contact Dennis Kliesen at drkliesen@gmail for further details.

• The Facebook group ( has about 3500 members and there are a lot of comments from home builders, professional builders, and those that have running engines. A lot of good information and pictures of recent builds can be found there.

• Bob Ryll had Jim Brierly regrind 2 of our new camshafts for OHV applications. The first was ground to an M-58 profile with 280 degrees of duration, and the second was ground to an M-21 profile with 286 degrees of duration. After grinding, Bob had Nortech Advanced NDT verify that the lobes still met the drawing requirement for hardness.

• We are still waiting for block measurement information from Paul Shinn which concern deviations from the manufacturing specifications.

If you have any questions about the block kit assembly or project information you want to share with us, just email to


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