John Timmons

John Timmons


Share comments on your build experience tell us about any special after-market components you used.:

" I finished the build in early November (was waiting for your new head) the quality was top notch, miked out good, have minor oil leak at #1 & #3 main through bolts (my fault) oil pressure holds at 35 psi using modified A pump. I did plug the front oil hole in your new cam and drilled it to #44 drill because I lost too much pressure there. I cut out #1 & #4 exhaust ports with a valve seat cutter to use packing glands I make out of 1/2 hard monel. I feel this help support the manifold and I’ve never had a blowout. One issue with the new head, the water pump shaft bottomed out and put the pump in a bind, about .060 gap without gasket. Same with 2 new pumps and 2 well used ones. I fixed this by grinding off the back of the shaft. Should have checked fit before installing head, but got in a hurry and ignored 48 years as an aircraft mechanic which taught me otherwise, the relief may be too shallow, or too small a diameter. A quick blueing just showed that was where the problem was. Another glitch was the #4 exhaust lobe of your new cam struck the cheek of the crank when cam was moved all the way forward, took awhile to duplicate the “click” just caught it as I backed the crank up. Removed cam and ground .030” off face of lobe,  everything was balanced, otherwise would have polished a spot off the crank. A blemish on one con rod caused by a holding fixture resulted in having to remove 1 1/2 grams off of the small end of the already lightest rod. The blem was solidly attached, but didn’t trust that it wouldn’t break loose at some point, so removed it. 

I have about 50 miles on it now, runs out nice, though won’t warm up even with 160 thermostat, pan and filter barely warm to the touch,I’m not complaining, just an observation. 180 thermostat is next. 

 All in all, very impressed with design and execution, went together well and came in under my projected budget of $6 K.  

Thanks for a job done good! "

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