John Timmons


"I finished the build in early November (was waiting for your new head) the quality was top notch, miked out good, have minor oil leak at #1 & #3 main through bolts (my fault) oil pressure holds at 35 psi using modified A pump..."

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Paul W. Whaley

OKC Model A Restorers Group

"Very impressed so far..."

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Howard Shea

Moorpark, CA

"Your engine is great and I'm sure I'll buy another for a future restoration. "

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Neil Kaminar

North Carolina

"I am very happy with the kit. I assembled it myself and it went together well. The engine has about 1,200 miles on it now without any problems."

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Larry Munk

Williamsburg, Virginia

"I'm very pleased with the Burtz motor.  I will enclose a picture of it running on the test stand. Everything went together well with no issues."

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Gerald Sleater

Burbank Washington

"My engine runs strong and I'm in the last part of breaking in my engine,  currently at over 800 miles. Just pushed it to 70mph yesterday for just a brief moment."

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